The Doves classroom is for ages 6 weeks thru 11 months. This classroom is all about quality time. The teachers devote their time to ensuring that your infant is safe, secure and happy. Your infant will have lots of one on one attention while they are having their needs met. In this classroom we work on learning and strengthening our hand to eye coordination, large and fine motor skills and the beginnings of social skills.


The Lambs classroom is for ages 12 months thru 18 months. This classroom is all about learning to be stable. The teachers devote their time to helping your child become stable on their feet as they are learning to walk and run. Your infant will continue to work on their hand to eye coordination, large and fine motor skills and will start to develop their social skills as they interact with their friends during large and small group play.


The Fish classroom is for ages 19 months thru 24 months. This classroom is all about social skills. The teachers devote their time in teaching social skills. Children in this classroom learn how to share and communicate their feelings to other with their words. In this classroom there are large group, small group and individual activities. The teachers use the individual activities to start pre-writing skills and to strengthen their fine motor skills.



The Eagle classroom is for ages 25 months thru 36 months. This classroom is all about the self-help skills. The teachers in this classroom devote their time in potty training your child. They individualize the training to meet your child’s development and needs. When the children are not learning to use the potty, they are working on their language skills, pre-writing skills, and their creativity. The children start to understand math and science in this classroom.


The Whale classroom is for three-year olds. In this classroom the children start to focus on getting ready for kindergarten. The teachers devote their time working with your child in small groups and individually. In this setting they focus on writing, math and science skills. They start to recognize numbers and letters and the meaning they have. The first letters they learn are the ones in their name.


The Lion classroom is for four-year olds. In this class your child will be preparing for kindergarten. The will enhance all the skills that they have learned in the previous classrooms. Your child will also work on problem solving, responsive listening, social and collaborative skills. Your child will continue to work in small and large groups as well as individually to gain the skills that they will need as they continue to learn in the school setting and the world around them.